Sunday, 11 October 2015

~Valentino Rossi V Jorge Lorenzo~

The MotoGP championship is going down to the wire as Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo battle for supremacy this season.

It could go any way in my opinion. The next round brings us to Australia where Rossi scored a victory in last years event. The Phillip Island circuit is one of Rossi's favourite circuits and he will seek to increase his lead over Lorenzo in the championship.

Lorenzo is not without his share of success at Phillip Island though. The Mallorcan has not been off the podium since 2011 and since then he has scored two runner ups and a victory. His track record here together with his imperial form this season could spell trouble for Rossi.
Lorenzo will not give up! We saw first hand at Assen in 2013 how tough he is. Riding with a surgically repaired collarbone one day after surgery and finishing the race!  The Motegi press conference showed us that Lorenzo is here to fight and he is still full of confidence after his latest issue.

“We are in the best moment ever in dry conditions as in wet conditions, so that means that we are able to fight for the three wins in the next Grands Prix, so that gives me the confidence and the belief that we still can win the championship and I want to believe this until the end." Jorge Lorenzo
I think the weather will be one of the factors that decides this years championship and the Phillip Island circuit is notorious for its interchangeable weather conditions as Rossi reiterated at the post race press conference at Motegi today. Rossi has reigned supreme in wet conditions this season until Motegi where we saw Lorenzo have superior pace in wet conditions so this one is wide open.

"It's always difficult to find the setting and also the conditions can be tricky: wind, cold,  but it's a great track and we will try to give the maximum.” 
 Valentino Rossi on Phillip Island
Apart from the weather there is also the little issue of psychology and mind games.
I feel Rossi has the edge here. Although Lorenzo has proven to be Rossi's most difficult opponent, beating him one on one in several battles, I still feel that the experience and calm state of mind Rossi possesses will give him a slight edge over his rival.
Lorenzo's repeated woes this season coupled with Rossi's consistency and luck I feel is testing Lorenzo. Lorenzo is feeling the pressure now with 3 rounds remaining. The press conference today showed a man who must be thinking what more do I have to do? 
“In Qatar, I had the problem of the helmet and in some other races I was the fastest in the dry and it rains, so I couldn't take profit of my speed to get 25 points in two, three or four races,” Lorenzo said.

“Today, I was the fastest one in the dry and in the wet, but it dries up after a wet beginning and I couldn't win the race I believed I could have won.

“So yes, I believe at this moment of the championship especially but in general, I am the fastest one this year because [of] the bike, my speed, my concentration. But these are the circumstances at this moment and maybe it will change in the next rounds.”
It does seem like he is feeling the pressure and it is understandable. He sees his third MotoGP title slipping away even though he is consistently faster every race weekend. He still has his confidence which is so important in a battle like this.
Even though Rossi has had his fair share of luck this season there is no underestimating his racing skills when it comes to race day so being fast on Friday doesn't mean you will be the race winner on Sunday...and the weather effects everybody not just you Jorge! 
The weather, mind games, race pace, luck, whatever it may be this championship will be decided over the next three races and either man is worthy to be called champion.

With just 18 points separating the team mates and three rounds remaining who do you think will come out on top? Post a comment below and let me know what you think.


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