Tuesday, 24 November 2015


For the 2016 season I am planning to use Vlogs ( video blogs) instead of writing the content up like this. I will still write some parts but most of it will be on video.

I am hoping this will be more popular than my current method and if it is not..what harm!

I will be sharing my YouTube channel to this blog so anybody that wants to view my videos can if they wish to do so. 

Roll on Qatar 2016!!

2016 Championship predictions

This is a short post just about my predictions for the 2016 season and if you agree or disagree feel free to let me know.

MotoGP World Champion 2016
Dani Pedrosa

Moto2 World Champion 2016
Alex Rins

Moto3 World Champion 2016
Enea Bastianini

Casey Stoner Returns

News broke yesterday that Casey Stoner is returning to MotoGP. Rumors were gathering pace that he was ready to leave his role as a test rider for the Repsol Honda Team at the end of this year when his contract expired. It has happened sooner than that and both Honda and Stoner released statements both confirming Stoner's departure from the Repsol Honda Team.
Stoner testing for the Repsol Honda Team

To be honest I am delighted. I thought it was a bad move on Honda's part to not invite Stoner to replace Dani Pedrosa for the races he could not compete in due to his rehabilitation. The excuse they used was that they did not want Casey to be embarrassed as he might not get a podium as it has been so long since he rode a MotoGP bike. Talk about a slap in the face!

Casey Stoner is one of the greatest MotoGP riders of all time. It takes him one lap to get up to speed. I can remember him during qualifying before he retired, he would set his fastest lap at the first attempt, and that was the old method qualifying used to run under.

Anyway, Casey has finally returned where he belongs and is appreciated, The Ducati team. This is where Casey took the MotoGP championship by storm in 2007, destroying the field with ten victories and fourteen podiums on his way to claiming Ducati's only MotoGP Championship. The 2008 and 2009 seasons were also good to the Ducati team while they had Casey on the bike.

Casey will assume the role of test rider for the Ducati Team. He could also do a few wild - card races for testing purposes, or he could even replace one of the Ducati riders should they get injured during the season. This is quite possible as Iannone has an injured shoulder and that could cause him trouble during the season, hopefully not of course.

My opinion is that Stoner will get Andrea Dovizioso's seat for the 2017 season. Someone is going to lose their seat to Casey and I think he the most likely candidate, unless he has a great 2016 season.
I would love to see Casey back on the Ducati racing full time. I loved to watch him race that bike, even if I didn't like him very much as a person you had to respect the man's talents on a MotoGP bike, he was unbelievable and a huge loss to the championship when he retired in 2012.

Welcome back Casey Stoner! #27

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

MotoGP Rider line up 2016 (provisional)























MotoGP 2016 Calendar

RoundDateGrand PrixVenue
120/03QatarLosail International Circuit
203/04ArgentinaTermas de Río Hondo
310/04AmericasCircuit Of The Americas
424/04SpainJerez de la Frontera *
508/05FranceLe Mans
705/06CatalunyaCircuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
826/06NetherlandsTT Assen
1017/07Great BritainSilverstone
1114/08AustriaRed Bull Ring
1221/08Czech RepublicBrno *
1311/09San Marino e della Riviera di RiminiMisano
1425/09AragonMotorLand Aragon
1509/10MalaysiaSepang International Circuit
1616/10JapanTwin Ring Motegi
1723/10AustraliaPhillip Island
1806/11ValenciaComunitat Valenciana - Ricardo Tormo
* Subject to contract

No surgery for Iannone

Andrea Iannone has opted against undergoing surgery on his injured left shoulder. Iannone has dislocated his shoulder twice during the 2015 season and this has affected him during more than one race weekend.

The reason for postponing the surgery is due to the rehabilitation time period which is close to three months. During that three month period Iannone could not have done any training and more importantly could not have participated in the MotoGP testing schedules for the 2016 season.

Although that is quite understandable I do feel this decision may come back to affect him. He plans to undergo treatment to strengthen the muscles of the affected area so he can be in good shape for the start of the 2016 season but this could easily backfire if he dislocates it again during the 2016 season. 

This would be a shame and I hope it does not happen as Iannone had a stellar season in 2015 scoring three podium finishes and outscoring his Ducati team mate on more than one occasion.

Let's hope the rehab goes well and Iannone is back fighting at the front come the season opener in Qatar next March.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

On a personal note

The 2015 MotoGP season has ended and so has my first season blogging about this incredible sport. My blog needs plenty of work and I am trying my best to learn as much as I can to improve this. My posts need to be more consistent and my timing is off I apologize for this as I am not always available to blog straight after the races.

To anybody that is reading my blogs thank you! Feel free to follow me and comment on any of my posts.

Later this week I will start the 2016 season and cover pre season testing that is happening this week.


2015 - A Harsh Ending

The 2015 MotoGP season signed off at Valencia with Jorge Lorenzo being crowned MotoGP World Champion for a third time. 

Lorenzo had a rough start to the season but prevailed through it to match Valentino Rossi on championship points at Brno only for Rossi to pull further away in the following rounds. After the drama at Sepang and Philip Island it seemed certain that Lorenzo would be crowned champion. A back row start for Rossi all but sealed his fate. In the days leading up to the race I thought about how the Valencia race would play out and I never thought Rossi could score any higher than fourth position. 

Let's say Rossi had started from the front row with Lorenzo and Marquez, would he have won the championship? I think it would have been impossible to call. Of course I think Rossi had the pace but could he have gotten past Marquez....I think not. Marquez would have done everything in his power to stop Rossi clenching that coveted second position.

I hate to buy into conspiracy theories and rumors but at the end of the Valencia race I turned to my friend and said "did you notice Marquez didn't attempt one overtaking move on Lorenzo?". I thought maybe it was just us but then it soon emerged that wasn't the case as many others including MotoGP commentator Neil Hodgson said just the same! 

To be honest though I hope it ends here. Marquez has extended the olive branch, whether that will last long time will tell, but I think Rossi should accept. Does he really want another shot at the title to end in these circumstances again? Does Marc Marquez want Rossi breathing down his neck all next season as he attempts to win the championship? It is best for both parties to shake hands and forget about the whole thing. Rossi and Lorenzo have done this and they co operate. By no means are they friends but they co habit in the Yamaha pit garage!

To see a great season like that end in those circumstances was terrible for the fans and for the sport. No matter who won the championship it should have been a straight up battle between both Rossi and Lorenzo with nobody else. The antics of Sepang and Philip Island tainted the season and discredited Lorenzo's championship win while also possibly denying Rossi a tenth world title. 

Thinking back to that Sepang press conference, how many of you agreed with Rossi making his voice heard about Marc Marquez at that time? I always thought it was a mistake. Why would you want to antagonize someone who has nothing to lose and can cause you so much trouble! After the final race at Valencia would have been more appropriate to do this. That is only my opinion though which is of little importance in this case. Who knows ,maybe the season would have played out exactly the same whether this happened or not. 


Sunday, 8 November 2015

Jorge Lorenzo wins World Championship

Jorge Lorenzo is the 2015 MotoGP world Champion after he took victory at the Valencia circuit today...Valentino Rossi finished a valiant fourth..more to follow later

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Rossi penalty appeal dismissed

Valentino Rossi will start the final round of the season at Valencia from last position on the grid after his appeal to the CAS was dismissed this morning.

A tenth world championship hangs in the balance and I for one believe the penalty should have been reduced or suspended until Qatar 2016.

The title fight has been tainted by this outcome and although it is still possible for Rossi to claim the title, it will be a near impossible task.

Best of luck to both Vale and Jorge this Sunday. May the best man win.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Sepang clash intensifies

I am a few day late with this news so I am sure we have all heard about Marc Marquez getting into a scuffle with some Italian media at his house! 

The incident at Sepang between Rossi and Marquez is one of the biggest highlights in MotoGP in recent years. It has divided fans straight down the middle whether you think Marquez was in the right and he was not trying to interfere with Valentino's race pace or whether you think Valentino was right and he did not cause Marquez to crash.

I did not expect this to spill as far as Marquez's home though. It is going a bit far and causing someone and their family grief is not acceptable. 

Honda have also released a statement backing Marc Marquez's version of events from the Sepang clash too, and they have proof Rossi caused the crash, well the exact words from Nakamoto were:
"his front brake lever suddenly received an impact that locked the front tyre, which is the reason for his crash. We believe that this pressure was a result of Rossi's kick. The data acquisition from Marc's bike is available if anybody from Dorna, the FIM or media want to check.”
I thought they were only going to talk about facts not assumptions? If this is true why was this information not given to Race Direction? Sounds like he is assuming that is what happened if he cannot prove that Rossi kicked that brake lever. Honda were always going to back up their man just as any team would do in a situation like this just as Yamaha did when they fought back with their own statement:

"We refer to the press release issued by Repsol Media Service on Sunday 25th October 2015, titled “Pedrosa wins and Marquez crashes after unsportsmanlike kick from Rossi”, as well as the press release issued by Honda Racing Corporation on Monday 2nd November, titled “Q&A with Shuhei Nakamoto, HRC Executive Vice President”. 

"Yamaha would like to express its disagreement with the words that have been used to report on the incident between riders Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez. 

"Both press releases included words that accuse Valentino Rossi of kicking Marc Marquez's bike that is something not proven by the investigation of the Race Direction.
This is turning into a crazy battle! It is normal for both teams to defend their rider's but I hope it stops here and we can finish the season on a high.

All MotoGP rider's and their teams have been summoned to a meeting this Thursday with Carmelo Ezpeleta and FIM President Vito Ippolito so this dressing down and reiteration of the rules will hopefully calm the situation.

Rossi Vs Lorenzo

With the final round of the 2015 MotoGP season arriving this weekend at Valencia there is so much at stake.

After the antics of the Sepang round I think everybody cannot wait until this Sunday where it will all unfold. By 13.45pm we will have a new World Champion no matter what.

Below is a table showing exactly what Rossi needs to do to win the World Championship. He is potentially starting from the back row of the grid as we await confirmation from the CAS with regard to Rossi's penalty. This is going to make for some great racing come Sunday!

Rossi champion if, Lorenzo champion if…

Will Jorge Lorenzo be crowned World Champion? Or will Valentino Rossi claim a tenth world championship. What role will Marquez, Iannone and Pedrosa play in this title fight?

Friday, 30 October 2015

Rossi Penalty Appeal

Will the Doctor beat the penalty?
This morning Valentino Rossi lodged an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to annul or reduce the penalty he received from Race Direction.

The CAS is an independent organisation that settles issues in the sporting world. They have the power to impose a final decision on this matter and they do not answer to the FIM or Dorna.

If Rossi was successful in his quest to even get the  penalty delayed, which would result in a suspension of the penalty points until the CAS makes a decision, then he could battle for a higher grid position and if the penalty is upheld after the Valencia race then he would serve the penalty at the season opener of the 2016 season. This would give him a fair chance of gaining a tenth world championship.

As the penalty imposed is for grid positions and not championship points if the penalty was imposed at Qatar it would not be as disastrous for him. Fans can expect to learn Rossi's fate by the 6th of November, the day of first practice at Valencia.

By now I think everybody knows about the penalty handed to Valentino Rossi by Race Direction after the Sepang race last weekend.The three penalty points he received has demoted him to the back of the grid for the final race of the season at Valencia where the World Championship will be decided between Rossi and Lorenzo.

Rossi's team Movistar Yamaha had already appealed the decision to the FIM Stewards but this was refused. At this stage I believed it was finished with and Rossi would start at the back of the grid at Valencia end of story but this has been a pleasant surprise. 

I do believe the penalty will be reduced to 1 point allowing Rossi to battle for a higher grid position for the Valencia race. Many fans are divided on the matter and I invite all to express their views on my blog. 

Below is the CAS press release regarding the issue:

"Italian MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi has filed an appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against the FIM Stewards' decision to impose 3 penalty points on his record following an incident with another rider during the Shell Malaysia Motorcycle Grand Prix race held on 25 October 2015

"The FIM Race Direction found that Mr Rossi deliberately ran wide in order to force the other rider off line, resulting in contact causing the other rider to crash out of the race. For this breach of the FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix Regulations (the FIM Regulations), the FIM Race Direction imposed 3 penalty points on the rider's record. 
"Mr Rossi immediately appealed such decision to the FIM Stewards who dismissed the appeal and confirmed the penalty imposed by the FIM Race Direction. Since Valentino Rossi already has 1 penalty point from an earlier incident, this decision brings him to a total of 4 penalty points. On the basis of the FIM Regulations, a rider with 4 penalty points must start the next race from last grid position. 
"In his appeal to the CAS, Mr Rossi seeks the annulment of the penalty, or at least a reduction from 3 points to 1. Together with his appeal, Mr Rossi has filed an urgent application to stay the execution of the challenged decision in order not to lose his place on the starting grid at the next, and last, event of the season which will be held in Valencia/Spain on 6-8 November 2015. 
"An arbitration procedure is in progress. A decision on Mr Rossi's request for a stay is expected to be issued no later than 6 November 2015."