Sunday, 18 October 2015

MotoGP Australia

This morning's race is Philip Island was nothing short of unbelievable. It was a race of old, one we would have seen ten years ago!

Marc Marquez put in a stellar display this morning
Andrea Iannone proved to us that the Ducati still holds an advantage with top end speed as he sped past Rossi, Lorenzo, and Marquez on the straight on numerous occasions. He put up a fight that was worthy of his third position on the podium. He even showed us his commitment to win by headbutting a seagull, which was one of the funniest things I have ever seen! At the beginning of the race it looked like Lorenzo may break away as he created a gap between himself and the chasing pack. Marc Marquez seemed to have a plan as he gestured to both Rossi and Iannone to stay behind him which Iannone responded to with an overtake on both Marquez and Rossi!

With Lorenzo's gap diminished the race was on. It went back and forth for the entire race with some classical racing and overtakes from all four riders and it looked like any one of these competitors could come out on top. The most interesting aspect of this race was the title implications. If Lorenzo won the race and Rossi finished fourth the gap between both in the standings
would have been quashed!

It looked like it would end that way until a red hot last lap saw Marc Marquez put in the fastest lap of the race and chase down a 0.8 second of a gap to Lorenzo to take victory from the mallorcan. Behind them Valentino Rossi was in a heated exchange with Iannone for third. Coming onto the final straight Rossi tool the inside line and looked to have the pace but Iannone kept him at bay to grab third position.

I am sure he had his reasons but it looked like if Rossi had taken the outside line he would have had enough momentum to beat Iannone to the line...but who knows?

This exhilarating title race continues next week as we head to Sepang with the gap between Rossi and Lorenzo down to just 11 points. In my opinion Rossi has to win this race, he has to beat Lorenzo. If he fails to do this then the title decider goes to Valencia, the final round. As exciting as this may sound if this does happen Valentino is in trouble. Lorenzo has a better record at Valencia and we all know Rossi's past with this circuit. This season is already eerily reminding me of the 2006 season.

Roll on Sepang!

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