Sunday, 4 October 2015

~2016 MotoGP Season~

The 2016 MotoGP season is going to be full of dynamic and exciting changes. Firstly, the reliable Bridgestone tyre the riders have come to know and love will be gone and replaced with a new official tyre supplier, Michelin.
In my view this is not ideal. I know Bridgestone chose to leave MotoGP and that Michelin is probably the next best tyre but when you look back at their last year in MotoGP in 2008 it was not promising and I cant see how they could have developed a better tyre than Bridgestone already have when they haven't been in the championship. The rider's were very critical about the tyre in 2008 and Valentino Rossi even maneuvered his way out of his contract so he could join Bridgestone for the 2008 season!At a recent Michelin test I read somewhere that one of the riders compared the Michelin tyre to a Bridgestone qualifying tyre!
Anyway, enough about the bad. Michelin's past achievements speak louder than my words and I could be proved wrong (as we saw last weekend when I said in my blog that Marquez would win the Aragon GP). Their longevity in the sport stretches back 36 years. They have brought success to rider's such as Mick Doohan, Barry Sheene and Kevin Schwantz so their re entry into the sport will hopefully provide more history and it will definitely provide some surprises
Another massive change coming next season is the controlled ECU(Electronic Control Unit) brought in by Dorna.
All the manufacturer's have put forward their own electronic data to Dorna to allow them to create a new controlled ECU along with new Magneti - Marelli software. This places the teams at a more balanced level, saves some cash on electronics overall while also providing better rider aids such as traction control. Win - win situation! Roll on 2016 it's going to be epic.


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