Wednesday, 11 November 2015

2015 - A Harsh Ending

The 2015 MotoGP season signed off at Valencia with Jorge Lorenzo being crowned MotoGP World Champion for a third time. 

Lorenzo had a rough start to the season but prevailed through it to match Valentino Rossi on championship points at Brno only for Rossi to pull further away in the following rounds. After the drama at Sepang and Philip Island it seemed certain that Lorenzo would be crowned champion. A back row start for Rossi all but sealed his fate. In the days leading up to the race I thought about how the Valencia race would play out and I never thought Rossi could score any higher than fourth position. 

Let's say Rossi had started from the front row with Lorenzo and Marquez, would he have won the championship? I think it would have been impossible to call. Of course I think Rossi had the pace but could he have gotten past Marquez....I think not. Marquez would have done everything in his power to stop Rossi clenching that coveted second position.

I hate to buy into conspiracy theories and rumors but at the end of the Valencia race I turned to my friend and said "did you notice Marquez didn't attempt one overtaking move on Lorenzo?". I thought maybe it was just us but then it soon emerged that wasn't the case as many others including MotoGP commentator Neil Hodgson said just the same! 

To be honest though I hope it ends here. Marquez has extended the olive branch, whether that will last long time will tell, but I think Rossi should accept. Does he really want another shot at the title to end in these circumstances again? Does Marc Marquez want Rossi breathing down his neck all next season as he attempts to win the championship? It is best for both parties to shake hands and forget about the whole thing. Rossi and Lorenzo have done this and they co operate. By no means are they friends but they co habit in the Yamaha pit garage!

To see a great season like that end in those circumstances was terrible for the fans and for the sport. No matter who won the championship it should have been a straight up battle between both Rossi and Lorenzo with nobody else. The antics of Sepang and Philip Island tainted the season and discredited Lorenzo's championship win while also possibly denying Rossi a tenth world title. 

Thinking back to that Sepang press conference, how many of you agreed with Rossi making his voice heard about Marc Marquez at that time? I always thought it was a mistake. Why would you want to antagonize someone who has nothing to lose and can cause you so much trouble! After the final race at Valencia would have been more appropriate to do this. That is only my opinion though which is of little importance in this case. Who knows ,maybe the season would have played out exactly the same whether this happened or not. 


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